Before late editions even had a name, when it was still a vague collective idea, we envisioned it as a space to work together and experimentally self-publish. We met as graduate students at Pratt Institute and effortlessly grew into friends. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our connection and dispersed us to different parts of the globe (Berlin, New York, Seoul). We stayed in touch though, through reading groups, writing groups, critique groups, and just-chatting groups. We gathered and talked about art.

With late editions, we are learning hands-on about independent publishing. We aspire to become a space built upon collaboration. Working with fellow artists and fostering nascent relationships, we will publish together. We welcome all forms of artistic expression, from lens-based, performance, writing, and everything in-between.

Often online, sporadically on print, we are creating editions.
We work on loose deadlines. Rarely on time, fashionably late. 

Harry, Kat + Steph